Poker has risen in popularity over the past ten years and Dakota Sioux has followed the trends. Dakota Sioux offers the best South Dakota Poker available combined with unique offers that cater to the player.  If you are searching for a South Dakota poker tournament there are a number of weekly and monthly events for players of all skills. Tournaments can be a great way to meet new friends, test your skills and enjoy an evening of poker playing.

Dakota Sioux offers a South Dakota poker room dedicated for a true card player. If you are a regular player, the regular South Dakota Texas Hold’em events will keep your game sharp. If you are a new player the staff is friendly and helpful. The poker promotions and schedule is updated regularly to ensure players have a chance to play at any level that suits their type of play.

Dakota Sioux Casino's Poker Room offers Dealers Choice, which consists of:

  • Hi/Lo Split
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Hold’em has become the most popular poker game played across the world. Introduced in Las Vegas in 1967, today Texas Hold’em is played by players of all types.
  • Crazy Pineapple
    • Similar to Texas Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple allows players 3 cards with the opportunity to discard one. This is a great twist to the standard Texas Hold’em game, while maintaining some of the similar rules to help players ease into the game.
  • Straight Pineapple
    • Similar to Crazy Pineapple, straight Pineapple is a game that any Texas Hold’em player can enjoy!



Starting in December 2017 players that enter and play in the days tournament will receive $5 slot play, and any player that plays 2-hours of live play will receive $10 in free slot play with a max of $15 per day.


Opens at 2pm

Monday - Wednesday



Opens at 4pm

Friday & Saturday

Opens at 2pm

*For details, contact the Poker Room at 1.800.658.4717 ext. 1686.

poker calendar

click link to open pdf

  • 2018 (Please contact the Poker room)




  • 6:00PM
  • $10 Entry fee, $15 buy-in
  • $1,500 in tournament chips 
  • $5 Re-buys 
  • 15 Minute rounds
  • $10 add-on will receive 2,500 in chips.



  • 6:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $50 buy-in
  • $5,000 in tournament chips
  • 15 minute rounds
  • $65 Entry and re-entry for the first hour; Re-entry and $20 add-on for each entry and re-entry will receive 2,000 in chips.



  • 4:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $60 buy-in
  • Optional add-on for each entry and re-entry is $30 to receive 4,000 in tournament chips with $20 to pool / $10 to house.  Entries and re-entries allowed for the first four rounds.
  • 15 minute rounds


DSC POKER league

  • Sundays | 4:00PM
  • Final tournament on May 27, 2018
  • Need 20 points to play final tournament. 
  • Final chance for points 5/20/17.


  • $30 Buy-in
  • $10 Entry Fee for 3,000 in tournament chips
  • $5 optional Dealer add-on for 2,000 in tournament chips
  • Start time 7pm
  • Poker room opens at 4pm

Memorial Day Tournament

Monday, May 28, 2018

  • $10,000 Guaranteed!

dakota sioux deepstack

Saturday, June 16, 2018

  • 2pm start time
  • $250 Buy-in, $25 Entry fee
  • 30 minute rounds
  • Entry and Re-entry first 6 rounds

summer bankroll Tournament

Saturday, July 14 & Sunday, July 15

  • Saturday: $150 Buy-in, $40 Entry fee
  • $20 to pool (December)
  • $5 Dealer add-on, $50 final add-on (per entry)
  • Entry and Re-entry first 4 rounds
  • Sunday: $100 Buy-in, $20 Entry fee
  • $5 Dealer add-on, $50 final add-on (per entry)
  • Entry and Re-entry first 4 rounds

ride 4 a wish
poker fun run

Saturday, June 23, 2018

  • Watch for more details in the June/July newsletter.