Splash Giveaway

September 25, 2021

Starting on September 1, 2021, guests will be eligible to earn one (1) electronic entry for every 125 “slot points earned” or “one hour of table games play”. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, ONLY, Reward Club members who play on their Rewards Club card will receive an extra two (2) electronic entries for every 125 “slot points earned”.

Starting at 11am on Saturday, September 25, 2021 Club members will be able to start depositing their electronic entries into the virtual drawing barrel by swiping their club card at any Player Promotional Kiosk or using their Club Card at any slot machine.

A Marketing Representative will draw five (5) Reward Club members every half an hour from 1pm until 9:30 pm. Reward Club members will select one rubber ducky out of a pool which will determine their winning prize.

At 10pm additional toys will be added to the pool with new prizes specific to the 10pm drawing. Reward Club Members will select one rubber ducky out of a pool to determine the prize they won.  Winners will choose a rubber ducky in the order they checked in. Club members are able win one (1) prize every half an hour and will still be eligible for additional prizes during the other drawings.

See Players Club for Prize Detail.

Official Rules:

1. Must be 21 years of age.

2. Employees, their spouses and/or significant others, defined as husband, wife, common law marriages, fiancé, live-in girlfriend/boyfriend, including same sex are not eligible to participate in any marketing promotions.

3. Guest’s name is randomly drawn by Oasis Super-playmate system.  The Winner has 5 minutes to arrive to the promotional area, in the event guest does not arrive within the 5 minutes another name will be drawn until the Winner arrives at the promotional area.

4. Once the winner(s) arrives to the promotional area, the marketing personnel along with a security officer will verify their Players Club card & Valid I.D. then write down the Winner onto a Promotion Winner log sheet with Player’s Name, Town, Account number, number of points earned, and Prize Won, initials& employee # of both Marketing personnel and Security Officer.

5. Once verified the Marketing personnel will issue a Cash/Prize voucher that is signed by the Winner, Marketing, and Security.

6. For Cash/Prize voucher’s $599.99 or less the Players Club will validate the time/date stamp and then the Guest can take the voucher to the Main Cage to be redeemed.

7. For Cash/Prize voucher’s that are $600.00 or more the Guest will need to be escorted by a Security Officer to the Player’s Club to be validated by time/date stamp, then escorted to the Main Cage to be redeemed.  (or lesser amount approved by Tribal gaming regulatory authority) must be documented at the time of the payment, and documentation must include the following, Date and time, Dollar amount of payment or description of personal property, Reason for payment; and Patron’s name and confirmation that identity was verified (drawings only).

8. Signature(s) of a least two agents verifying, authorizing, and completing the promotional payment the patron. For computerized systems that validate and print the dollar amount of the payment on a computer-generated form, only one signature is required.

9. Management reserves the right to cancel, alter, suspend or withdraw promotions/offers at any time without notice.